LED luminaire HYGIENE 1195х180х55mm IP54

Applicaton area

  • Indoor
  • Premises with hygiene requirements
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare premises
  • Food industry
  • Kitchen
  • Cleanrooms

Installation & mounting

  • Suitable for suspended ceilings type Armstrong
  • Mounting methods: recessed & surface


  • IP54
  • Housing made of single sheet steel with heat dissipation feature
  • 40mc thick, uniform and high-quality powder coating
  • Driver and components are inside the housing for better maintenance of the luminaire
  • Luminaire is supplied ready for mounting

Technical Characteristics

  • High color rendering index (CRI)>80Ra
  • Operating temperature -20°С — +50°С
  • Input voltage AC176-264V
  • Frequency 50Hz -/+10%
  • Low illumination ripple factor (IRF) ≤ 1 %
  • High power factor (PF) ≥ 0,98
  • 3 year warranty

Varton™ LEDs 2835 SMD 18х0.5W = 9W Varton™ LED PCB with aluminium base for enhanced heat removal Pairwise connection of LEDs on board. Failure of one LED within pair do not affect the work of other LEDs in circuit WAGO® connectors for ease in connection and removal LED lifespan 50 000h

Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-C0-00280-10000-5403627 4×9W=36W 2700K 4000Lm
V1-C0-00280-10000-5403640 4×9W=36W 4100K 4200Lm
V1-C0-00280-10000-5405440 6×9W=54W 4000K 6300Lm
V1-C0-00280-10000-5405465 6×9W=54W 6500K 6600Lm
V1-C0-00280-10A00-5403665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-C0-00280-10A00-5403640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-C0-00280-10A00-5403665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm
V1-C0-00280-10A00-5405440 6×9W=54W 4000K 6300Lm
V1-C0-00280-10A00-5405465 6×9W=54W 6500K 6600Lm