LED luminaire IRON-AGRO 1215×109×66mm

Applicaton area

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Warehouses
  • Production area
  • Outdoor storage area
  • Petrol stations
  • Workshops
  • Trees and gardens
  • Landscape design
  • Facades
  • Statues and fountains
  • Parking zones
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Buildings
  • Bridges

Installation & mounting

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Mounting methods: surface & suspended
  • Different mounting options with modular design


  • IP67
  • Anodized aluminium housing and metal end-caps
  • Silicone pads between end-caps and housing for enhanced sealing
  • Wear resistant cable entry gasket
  • UV–stabilized, clear, PMMA(acrylic) diffuser resistant to
  • fertilizers
  • Separate section for driver inside the housing

Technical Characteristics

  • High color rendering index (CRI)>80Ra
  • Operating temperature -40°С — +50°С
  • Input voltage AC176-264V
  • Частота сети 50Hz 10%
  • 3 year warranty
  • Low illumination ripple factor (IRF) ≤ 1 %
  • High power factor (PF) ≥ 0,98

Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-IA-70072-03000-6701830 2×9W=18W 3000K 2000Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6701840 2×9W=18W 4000K 2100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6701865 2×9W=18W 6500K 2200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6703630 4×9W=36W 3000K 3900Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6703640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4000Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6703665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6705430 6×9W=54W 3000K 5900Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6705440 6×9W=54W 4000K 6100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03000-6705465 6×9W=54W 6500K 6300Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6701840 2×9W=18W 4000K 2100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6701865 2×9W=18W 6500K 2200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6703640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6703665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6705440 6×9W=54W 4000K 6100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03A00-6705465 6×9W=54W 6500K 6600Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-IA-70072-03D00-6701840 2×9W=18W 4000K 2100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03D00-6701865 2×9W=18W 6500K 2200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03D00-6703640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03D00-6703665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-IA-70072-03N00-6701840 2×9W=18W 4000K 2100Lm
V1-IA-70072-03N00-6701865 2×9W=18W 6500K 2200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03N00-6703640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-IA-70072-03N00-6703665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm