LED Luminaire Olymp

Applicaton area

  • Warehouses
  • Production area
  • Outdoor storage area
  • Petrol stations
  • Workshops
  • Parking zones

Installation & mounting

  • Wall, ceiling and floor mounting with rotary mechanism of 180°


  • Anodized aluminum housing

Technical Characteristics

  • Color rendering index Ra >75
  • Operating temperature -40°С +45°С
  • Input voltage AC176-264V
  • Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
  • Lifetime 50 000hrs
  • 3 year warranty
  • Illumination ripple factor ≤ 1%

Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-I0-70076-04L06-6506050 55W 5000K 5900Lm
V1-I0-70076-04L07-6506050 55W 5000K 5900Lm
V1-I0-70076-04L08-6506050 55W 5000K 5900Lm
V1-I0-70076-04L09-6506050 55W 5000K 5900Lm
V1-I0-70076-04L10-6506050 55W 5000K 5900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L06-6509050 80W 5000K 8900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L06-6512050 105W 5000K 112000Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L07-6509050 80W 5000K 8900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L07-6512050 105W 5000K 11200 Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L08-6509050 80W 5000K 8900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L08-6512050 105W 5000K 11200Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L09-6509050 80W 5000K 8900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L10-6509050 80W 5000K 8900Lm
V1-I0-70077-04L10-6512050 105W 5000K 11200Lm
V1-I0-70078-04L06-6515050 140W 5000K 14900Lm
V1-I0-70078-04L07-6515050 140W 5000K 14900Lm
V1-I0-70078-04L08-6515050 140W 5000K 14900Lm
V1-I0-70078-04L09-6515050 140W 5000K 14900Lm
V1-I0-70078-04L10-6515050 140W 5000K 14900Lm
V1-I0-70096-04L07-6518050 160W 5000K 17800Lm
V1-I0-70096-04L08-6518050 160W 5000K 17800Lm
V1-I0-70096-04L09-6518050 160W 5000K 17800Lm
V1-I0-70096-04L10-6518050 160W 5000K 17800Lm