LED luminaires GYPSUM 570×570×65mm

Applicaton area


Installation & mounting

  •  Designed for use in gypsum ceiling (8-15mm)
  •  Mounting hole 575×575mm
  •  Mounting kit is included



  • Metal housing made of steel sheet, powder coated white
  • IP20 
  • See p.11 for detailed list of all features 

Technical Characteristics

  • LED modules Varton 2835 SMD 18×0.5W = 9W
  • Varton power supply 30W/40W `Dimensions 570×570×65mm
  • High color rendering index CRI (Ra) >80
  • Operating temperature –20°С to +50°С
  • Input voltage AC176–264V
  • Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
  • LED lifetime 50 000h
  • 3 year warranty
  • Luminaire package dimensions 627×614×62mm 
  • Diffuser package dimensions (2pcs) 610×610×16mm
  • Low illumination ripple factor IRF ≤ 1 %
  • High power factor PF ≥ 0,97

Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-A0-00009-80000-2002727 3×9W=27W 2700K 3000Lm
V1-A0-00009-80000-2002740 3×9W=27W 4000K 3150Lm
V1-A0-00009-80000-2002765 3×9W=27W 6500K 3300Lm
V1-A0-00009-80000-2003627 4×9W=36W 2700K 4000Lm
V1-A0-00009-80000-2003640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-A0-00009-80000-2003665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-A0-00009-80A00-2002740 3×9W=27W 4000K 3150Lm
V1-A0-00009-80A00-2002765 3×9W=27W 6500K 3300Lm
V1-A0-00009-80A00-2003640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-A0-00009-80A00-2003665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm
Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-A0-00009-80D00-2003640 4×9W=36W 4000K 4200Lm
V1-A0-00009-80D00-2003665 4×9W=36W 6500K 4400Lm