LED luminaire Triumph

Applicaton area

  • All types of streets and roads except A1-class highway

Installation & mounting

  • Mounted on pipe Ø48mm


  • Anodized aluminium housing with ABS-plastic end-cap
  • IP65 Installation 

Technical Characteristics

  • Size 467×330×90mm
  • High color rendering index CRI Ra>75
  • Operating temperature -40°С to +60°С
  • Operating input voltage AC176-264V
  • Maximum input voltage AC90-305V
  • Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
  • LED Lifespan 50 000h
  • 3 year warranty
  • Luminaire package dimensions 506×346×94mm
  • Low illumination ripple factor IRF ≤ 1 %
  • High power factor PF ≥ 0,97

Product Wattage Color temperature Luminous flux
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6506040 60W 4000K 6000Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6506065 60W 6500K 6000Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6509040 90W 4000K 9300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6509065 90W 6500K 9300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6512040 120W 4000K 11300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L04-6512065 120W 6500K 11300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-6506040 60W 4000K 6300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-650606 60W 6500K 6300Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-6509040 90W 4000K 9700Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-6509065 90W 6500K 9700Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-6512040 120W 4000K 12000Lm
V1-S0-70057-40L05-6512065 120W 6500K 12000Lm